Project : The Core Residence @ TRX



Strategically situated in the heart of South East Asia, Malaysia is a multi-cultural country of over 32 million people with a rich mix of ethnicity, races and religion. 


  • Revolution : 1st Global Financial District
  • Remarkable: Convenience of Connectivity 
  • Revitalise : Global Green Certifications 
  • Refined: Versatile Living Spaces
  • Reputable : Solid Track Record

Connecting To A World-Class City

Amongst all the condominiums around TRX, Core Residence has the top walkabilty score of 100 out of 100. The other three condominiums nearby YOO8 @ 8 conlay (98 Walkable score) Eaton Residences (87 Walkable score) and 8 Kia Peng (84 Walkable score)

Competitor Analysis

Three serviced residences nearby Core Residence, i.e., YOO8 @ 8 Conlay, Eaton Residences and 8 Kia Peng are handpicked for comparison and analysis. These residences are close in distance to each other and are reachable from Core Residence within 10 minutes’ of driving. Core Residence has an upper hand over the other residences in terms of its location. As the first residential project to be developed in TRX, prospective residents of Core Residence enjoy the sense of residing in an exclusive and superior environment. The other residences are all built in the same area, making the area rather crowded with residents. Eaton Residences carries the most affordable price tag among all properties. However, it is a leasehold property as compared to others that are freehold properties. When comparing among other freehold projects, it can be said that the Price PSF for Core Residence is competitive (similar to that of 8 Kia Peng) and significantly more affordable compared to YOO8 which is selling at about RM 3,290 PSF.

Core Residence is the latest residential development to be completed while the move-in occupancy in the rest of the residences is set to be this year. This is one of the factors that can lure prospective buyers to reside in Core Residence if they are not rushing in looking for a new place to stay. The units offered at Core Residence are of moderate sizes compared to the other residential properties. Furthermore, the selling price of units at Core Residence is relatively reasonable, which is only surpassed by YOO8 @ 8 Conlay.

Last but not least, Core Residence units can accommodate singles as well as families, as opposed to 8 Kia Peng that may only be suitable for renters of single urbanites due to unit design layouts.

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Investing Reasons

  1. Strategic Location : With an estimated GDV of RM40 billion holds the pulse of the city in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city center. Primed to transform into Malaysia’s first international financial district.
  2. 3 Major Business District : Connected seamlessly between KLCC, Bukit Bintang and TRX, bringing convenience to your life. 
  3. Dual MRT Line : The sole development with dual MRT exchange lines: MRT Line 1 and MRT Line 2. Another level with multi-level vehicular flow in place, and pedestrian connections
  4. Strong & Reputable Brand : Joint venture between one of the Fortune 500 global corporations and one of Malaysia’s leading engineering and construction companies and property developers, WCT Holdings Berhad
  5. Multinational Companies : HSBC, Prudential and many multinational corporations stationed in that area, created more than 40,000 working opportunities.
  6. Education & Medical Care : World-class medical and educational packages with affordable price for you to choose in the project’s area 
  7. Green Building : Certification with GBI & LEED rating, low energy consumption and maintenance cost caused the improvement in the project value
  8. Well-Equipped Facilities : The 1st national initiative project and the center jointly manage and operate to maximize and diversify the use of community facilities.
  9. Freehold Property : Complimentary car park, increasing property value and without inheritance tax
  10. Smart Security System : Protect the privacy and safety of the residents with multi-tier security and home facial recognition system.

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