Malaysia Institute of Property Entrepreneurs (MIPE) started with the aim of providing a platform primarily for property entrepreneurs professionals and  practitioners. We are a complementary organisation to other similar organisations with the same objectives of elevating the profession of property entrepreneurs to a higher standard and protecting public interest. We are open to members of other similar organisations who are willing to serve or participate in our activities and events by joining in as members.

Property Entrepreneurs for all stakeholders (practitioners), in the field of real estate agency, be they estate agents, probationers and RENS will be represented in the organization.

Property Entrepreneurs are in regulated profession and compliance issues can be quite daunting. In this respect, MIPE, for a start, will focus on Education and Training for professionals and practitioners.
MIPE memberships are open to Valuers, Estate Agents, Probationary Estate Agents (PEAS), Real Estate Negotiators (RENS) and staff of estate agencies and students. We will intend to set up a Professional Practice Advisory Committee for members to advise on issues pertaining to compliance with the Board of Valuers, Appraisers, Estate Agents and Property Managers, (BOVAEP).

Objectives of MIPE

  • To be the Malaysia body to represent Property Entrepreneurs from different professions including Property Agents, Property Negotiators, Property Management Personnel , Developers Staffs , Loan outsourced company’s staffs and Any person  who may want to take the careers as a Property Entrepreneur ( List of careers will be extended where suitable).

  • To be the body promoting Understanding of Related Professional Education to be  an Effective  Property Entrepreneurs with Related areas of Essential Skills and Knowledge . A Series of Professional Education Programs at different levels will be structured and systematically conducted in Collaboration with External Education Providers; for the Benefits of Our members participation and learning enrichment. 

  • We will represent our members as the Malaysia body to have Regular Business Development activities with other Selected Similar Bodies in ASEAN and other related countries.  Similarly we will received and conduct visits and Business development discussions with visiting overseas Friendly collaboration bodies from the regions .

  • To Organize Regular members  Activities locally Including Conventions, Seminars,  Talks, Public Lectures,  Awards for the Achievers of identified Fields . We will also participate in Similar Activities of the Other Collaboration bodies  organized by  other overseas bodies of the similar nature.