MIPE UNIVERSITY Walkability Guide (MIPE Walkability)

Walkability can be defined as: “The extent to which the built environment is friendly to the presence of people living, shopping, visiting, enjoying or spending time in an area.” The closer an area is to amenities, the more „walkable‟ the area is.

Core Residence @ TRX​ MIPE Walkability

Amongst all the condominiums around TRX, Core Residence @ TRX has the top walkability score of 100 out of 100. The other three condominiums nearby YOO8 @ 8 conlay (98 Walkable score) Eaton Residences (87 Walkable score) and 8 Kia Peng (84 Walkable score).

One Cochrane Residence @ TRX​ MIPE Walkability

One Cochrane Residence @ TRX has the walkability score of 86 out of 100 while Sunway Velocity TWO has 88 score out of 100 which both have not much different.

Kirana Residence @ KLCC MIPE Walkability

Amongst all the KLCC condominiums around KLCC Park, Kirana Residence has the top walkability score of 96 out of 100 .The other two KLCC condominiums with the same walkability score of 96 out 100 AND are also located within 100 metres of KLCC Park are OneKL and Marc Residence. There are other KLCC condominiums that score 96 as well.

Straits Residence @ Tanjung Tokong MIPE Walkability

Straits Residences @ Tanjung Tokong has a walkability score of 67 out 100 (somewhat walkable, some errands can be accomplished on foot).

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